Our Mission

​The T Squash Academy is an inclusive community that fosters personal growth of Cincinnati youth, supported by our core values of kindness, respect and grit

Core Values


Kindness is the hallmark of our program. We embody this value by building up other players; by welcoming new people to the program, making them feel at home; by hitting nicely with the lesser skilled player, encouraging their progress; by playing with sportsmanship and grace, whether one is winning or not.  We will build our culture through many acts of kindness, just as we will build skill through many acts of repetition. Acts of kindness are more important than a winning shot.


Respect for coaches, parents and peers at The T is a paramount value. Coaches are addressed by the title “Coach.” We greet each other with eye contact, listen respectfully to each other, ask with “Please” and receive with “Thank you.” We show respect for one another and the learning environment by contributing to a diligent clinic and lesson atmosphere, by not disturbing those who are working in the study hall, and by keeping The T free of trash and clutter.


Grit encapsulates toughness, hard work, perseverance and diligence. It is digging one’s teeth into a task or concept and not letting go until it has been accomplished; it is overcoming setbacks; it is tenacity in the learning process. Grit is a hard virtue to learn but it is a natural by-product of a serious student of squash. Squash requires grit. 

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