Want to know what junior squash looks like at the national level?

This video shows several of the best attributes. T Spartan JP Tew and Miles McIntyre (from Massachusetts) did not know each other this past September when they squared off for 3/4rd place in a national tournament. What followed was a thrilling 5-game match, dead even until 9-all in the fifth game, marked by crisp drives, lunging gets, changes of direction, courageous drops and mutual respect. Watch the last point to see what is beautiful about junior squash: a 1 minute long match point courageously contested which JP narrowly wins and which is followed by a gallant gesture of sportsmanship by Miles. Best of all, Miles and JP became friends that day in DC and at the next tournament they played (last week in Philadelphia) they warmed for one of their matches with a game of frisbee on the lawn of the U Penn athletic center. Friendships in the midst of genuine competition--that's the best of junior squash.

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