What The T has that other US Squash Clubs don't.

I come to the T Squash Academy from the East Coast, where squash has already developed to a great extent. At Chelsea Piers, I worked and trained some of the best junior athletes in the country under the guidance of former world number 1 Natalie Grainger. The facility at Chelsea Piers is unarguably the best squash facility in the United States with 11 glass back courts. Being part of the team there and running events was a fantastic experience that is hard to describe.

The squash culture in the East Coast is very much about squash physical conditioning which is highly essential in becoming a top athlete in the game. Players start squash at a young age in a thriving & competitive environment and dream of playing squash for a good college from a very young age. There is a harmony in the desires of the athletes and delivery of the squash programs offered by some of the best players in the sport.

The T Squash Academy offers something extremely unique. It focuses on intangible values that are essentially bigger than sport itself which can clearly be observed when we look at the core values of the academy – kindness, respect, and grit. The T uses Squash as a vessel to display soulful virtues. Respecting your opponent, being an honest person, being compassionate to others when they lose, learning from losses are taught to athletes at the T from a young age. The T aims at developing human beings first, athletes second. Its mission is clear, distinguishing it from all other Squash programs in the country.

It’s not winning that matters, it’s how you play the game!

-Coach Dee

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