New T Program: Match Video Analysis

Do you keep losing to the same person and you don't know why? Do you want to take your game to the next level but you're short on time? Have you found yourself making the same mistakes over and over again during matches?

The Match Video Analysis may be just the thing you need!

A new service that the T coaches are offering, Match Video Analysis, will give you a customized action plan to improve your game. Let's dive into what this is and how it will work:

1.) Submit a video to the coach via email of yourself in action in a match (the clip must be at least 15 minutes long).

2.) Schedule a good time with a coach to analyze the video in detail. (Video formats may include file sharing on Dropbox, Google Drive,sharing private link from Youtube, or Flashdrive).

3.) In the one-on-one analysis session, the coach will go over various aspects of the game such as, but not limited to:

  • shot selection & decision making

  • match strategies & tactics

  • psychology & mental aspect of squash

  • technique

  • variety of pace

4.) You will receive a consultation and game recap from the coach, as well as a three point action plan to take away and apply in future match play.

5.) The length and price of a session is the same as a private lesson - 45minutes for $65 dollars.

Match Video Analysis would be extremely beneficial to both kids and adults. It is a positive tool for players of all levels that desire to take their Squash to the next level! Please take advantage of it!

To schedule a session, email Coach Jon, Coach Dee or Coach Andrew.

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