The T Junior Squash Ladder

Saturday, March 28 - Saturday, April 25, 2015


Now that US Squash tournament season is over, The T will start Cincinnati’s first junior squash ladder.  This ladder will help facilitate matches in the Spring in order to have our juniors continue to play tournament style matches.
The ladder is free and will run from March 28th to April 25th.  The ladder will end with a tournament based on the rankings on the ladder.  Players do not need to be signed up for Saturday league in order to play matches for the ladder.  Please let me know by this Saturday if you would like your child added to the ladder.

Not a member of US Squash yet?
If you are not a member of US Squash already, Laura will send you a username and password. Once you receive an email from US Squash regarding your account, please log in using your email as a username and change the password.

Locating the ladder and challenging

  • To locate the ladder, go to your child’s profile on your US Squash and click home. Under the header “Competitions”, click on the “The T Junior Challenge Ladder”.

  • All players are only allowed to challenge three spots ahead of their own. In order to challenge, locate a player on the ladder and click “Challenge” next to the players you are eligible to challenge.  Once you select challenge, a text box will appear to type in suggested dates and email the person through the system.

  • Junior players can also challenge each other during league on Saturdays.  All challenges that take place on Saturdays must be approved via email before 12 PM on Saturday.

  • All players are responsible for entering their scores online or handing Coach Laura a score sheet from the match. 

  • Any questions about the US Squash system can be directed toward Bill Buckingham at


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