Learn the fastest growing racquet sport!

The T will have you playing at game-playing level in 8 hours with our Zero to Squash program. The T’s unique structured small group program teaches basic techniques, rules of the game and strategies for winning.

• No experience necessary.

• No equipment needed.

• No membership required.

Zero to Squash FAQ

What is squash?

Squash is a fast-paced indoor racket game. It takes place in a court with 4 walls and matches are played with two competitors. Squash is played all around the world and in the United States. While popular on the east and west coasts of the US, squash is fast gaining momentum in the midwest.

Where is the Zero to Squash program?

The Zero to Squash program is at The T Squash Facility in Cincinnati. The T is Cincinnati’s only 5-court facility and is managed by the Cincinnati Sports Club and is in a separate building behind the CSC.

What will I learn?

You will be instructed by our world-class squash professionals and learn the basic techniques of squash strokes and the rules and strategy of the game. The small group format will give you the individual attention you need to learn fast and start playing with friends and in The T leagues and Round Robin groups.

What is the cost?

Zero to Squash costs $99.00 for 8 full hours of focused squash instruction and game play.

Do I need to be a member of The T or the Cincinnati Sports Club?

You do not need to be a member of either club to participate in the Zero to Squash program. If you are a full member at the Cincinnati Sports Club, you have full access to the squash courts as a part of your membership benefits.

What are the equipment costs?

The T will provide the racquets, squash balls, shoes and goggles needed to play. If you would like to use your own shoes, unmarked, indoor court shoes are required.

I’ve never picked up a squash racquet. Is this the right program for me?

Yes! Zero to Squash is for beginners who have never picked up a racquet. Tennis players, paddle ball players and racquetball players will find the transition to squash very easy.

Is this program for men or women?

This is for both men and women. Squash is an excellent aerobic exercise that works legs, gluts, core and arm strength and flexibility. Once the sessions begin, players will be paired with similar skill and strength level to be challenged and enjoy the workout.

When do the sessions begin?

Insert times and dates here.

What if I have to miss a session?

No worries! The sessions are designed to work in sequence but have enough flexibility to allow players to jump in when they are able.

Where do I sign up?

Click this link for registration. Insert dates of session starting.


Where do I sign up?

Click here to register online.

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